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Over the past ten years, Brisbane based makeup artist Belinda Nicoll has been a favourite for industry professionals all over Australia. Belinda's aesthetic ranges from natural beauty right through to special effects effortlessly.

Belinda has an ever-expanding obsession for the creative industry. Drawing on her many years in the makeup industry, she aims to bring out the best in every face.


Belinda works regularly with other industry creatives to produce beautiful and inspiring looks for all types of events. Collaborating with different products and brands to create these looks.

"I like to challenge the notion of beauty . I aim to produce beautiful images and to inspire others to enjoy all forms of art, and to also encourage others to explore creative avenues."

You can see some of Belinda's work in films such as Unbroken, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Australia Day and Monster Problems in Australia and her work in Los Angeles for the film Anonymous Killers. You will also find Belinda's work frequenting music videos for artists such as The Kite String Tangle, Violent SoHo and ROI.

Story time!


"In 2010 I was half way through my degree, studying a Bachelor at Business at a prestigious Gold Coast University.  For a creative person, generally numbers and legal terms are not a topic that will grab our attention for any amount of time. Actually, I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did. I visited my Mum in my hometown, the Sunshine Coast, one weekend and started to express how much I disliked attending all of these business statistics and economics lectures. She casually responded to my concerns by saying  "why don't you do something you actually enjoy, something more artsy? You've always liked makeup - what about that?" To which I scoffed "Ha! You can't make a career out of that!"...turns out I was very wrong.


Before the week was out, I had enrolled myself into a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services at a Brisbane based makeup academy. I had packed what little things I owned from my small dorm I was renting and moved to my idea of 'The Big Smoke.' 


Back then, the courses only went for 6 months so there was only just enough time to touch on the wide range of subjects in the makeup realm, which is very different to how they are taught now. I completed the course and started to self teach myself the art of special effects and prosthetics. While doing this I was working on smaller fashion shows and editorial shoots and started making a name for myself in the wedding industry as well.


In 2013 I started to use social media and uploaded photos of my work. I got noticed by an Emmy award winning makeup artist, who offered me a position on the makeup team for an upcoming feature film being made in Brisbane. He couldn’t tell me many details as they’re always hush hush for the bigger films, but he said he would have someone email me a call sheet. Moments later I received the call sheet that read the director as ‘Angelina Jolie’ to which I saw and thought to myself ‘Oh wow, what a coincidence of a  name! This person must always get confused for the Angelina Jolie’...Turns out the director of the film was Angelina Jolie and this was actually a film with a 65 million dollar budget. Since then I’ve worked on films in Los Angeles, and multiple feature films and short films here in Australia. This lead to me getting representation by The Agency to Makeup Artists


After some time I decided I wanted to help others in honing in on their talents and helping them reach their full potential. So for the past 7 years I have been an industry educator delivering short courses, workshops, the Diploma in Screen & Media (Specialist Makeup Services) as well as the Diploma in Cinemagraphic Makeup - aka the A-Z of the makeup and hair world! 


Fast forward to now where I’m a bit more of a homebody who is happily married with 3 kids; two step daughters (Iggy & Juliet) and one little biological potato (Birdie). I’ve had the big elaborate and expensive wedding with 5 bridesmaids and I’ve had the small intimate backyard wedding during COVID. I love weddings so I spend most of my time now working predominantly in the wedding industry with other vendors who I am lucky enough to call my friends (check out my ‘Recommendations’ tab for specifics on some kick-ass wedding vendors.)

Through my career I have learnt to truly appreciate this industry for it’s beauty in all of its forms. I love throwing fake blood on someone to complete a character makeup, and I love airbrushing a flawless base for my brides. Whatever it is that you want to create, I’m up for it! - Shoot me an email to or give me a call on 0403679750."

ABN: 62254383136


2019 Runner Up

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